What is a cleanse?

Cleansing is basically any kind of diet or lifestyle regimen designed to detoxify the body and restore optimal health. There are many different types of cleanses, anywhere from dietary to herbal remedies to smoothies and juices.

What is the purpose of a cleanse?

Cleanses stimulate and enhance the body’s ability to detox impurities and toxins that gradually build up over time inside us. The detoxification process reduces the toxicity with the help of a number of organs such as the liver, intestines, kidneys and skin. 

What are the benefits of cleansing?

Some of the benefits of cleansing, and why most people will participate in one are to remove excess waste in the body, strengthen immune function, improve energy and skin, think clearer and improved sense of overall well-being!

What are some side-effects to cleansing?

As our bodies begin to detox, some of the common side effects include dizziness, blood sugar spikes, headaches, constipation, fatigue, irritability and nausea. Everyone is different and will experience different side effects during the cleansing process. Although these side-effects may seem very counterintuitive for creating health, once the body has reduced its toxic load, the side-effects will become more subtle and eventually will diminish.

How long should my cleanse be?

Your cleanse is based off of your needs, the amount of time you are able to commit and your lifestyle. If this is your first time doing a cleanse we would recommend a Spark Cleanse. Our next level up would be the Flare Cleanse, and the Firework Cleanse is our hardest. Our cleanses vary from 1, 3, and 5 days and are based on your health goals. If you are still having trouble finding a cleanse that fits your needs, contact us and one of our Holistic Nutritionists would be happy to help you!

How do I prepare for a cleanse?

When you sign up for a cleanse with Spark Health you will receive a detailed email explaining how to get started! Try to keep hydrated by drinking lots of water a few days prior to your cleanse. Reducing your consumption of processed foods and increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables is the best way to prepare for your cleanse.

How do I know what order to drink my juices in?

To make a cleanse easy for you, we put numbers on the lid of each juice indicating what order to drink your juice in!

Can I cleanse while at work?

Yes, you can cleanse at work, however everyone’s reaction to cleansing is different; some individuals may feel more energized than others. Take the time to listen to your body and do what you think is best!

Can I workout while I am cleansing?

Yes, exercise is beneficial to cleansing as it increases your blood flow and circulation. Sweating will also help to further increase the release of toxins. No one knows your body better than you, so take the time to listen to your body and do what you think is best. If you do feel unwell, we recommend speaking to your physician or medical professional. 

What do I do if I am hungry on my cleanse?

If you are on your cleanse and hungry, make sure to drink more water and if necessary eat some fruits and vegetables. Different people have different caloric needs depending on body type and activity levels. 

Am I going to be tired during a cleanse?

Everyone experiences different energy levels during a cleanse. If your body experiences a decrease in energy, take some rest. Let your body adapt to the changes underway, once this happens you will soon begin to feel re-energized!

Will I lose weight during my cleanse?

The effects of cleanse vary between individuals. Some individuals may lose weight while others may not. However the goal of a cleanse is to detoxify the body and to restore your optimal health!

How often should I cleanse?

How often you cleanse is entirely up to you! Some people cleanse once a week and others monthly.

Can I drink coffee on my cleanse?

Yes, you can drink up to one cup of black coffee on your cleanse, but we recommend eliminating caffeine from your diet while on your cleanse!

Can I drink alcohol on my cleanse?

We do not recommend drinking alcohol during your cleanse, as the break down of alcohol causes the release of toxins and would be counter-productive to your cleanse.

Can I cleanse if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

Probably not, your body is working so hard to not only look after yourself, but also your baby! However, we recommend speaking to your physician or medical professional if you are not sure if a cleanse is right for you.

What if I have a health condition that requires prescription medication?

Most cleanses do not interact well with prescription medication, but we recommend speaking to your physician or medical professional if you are not sure if a cleanse is right for you.

What happens if I am constipated while on my cleanse?

If you are having trouble going to the bathroom, or want to increase the benefits of your cleanse, we recommend increasing your water intake and keeping hydrated. If you are still struggling you can always do an enema or speak to your physician or medical professional.

What do I do after a cleanse?

A cleanse causes a lot of changes to your body. After finishing a cleanse we recommend keeping hydrated and eating lots of fruits and vegetables.